Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Meet my New Friend

His name is Ethan Photobucket Well as you can see, he is an onionPhotobucketA smart one though.. Photobucket haha.. Get used to his antics, cause he'll be appearing here regularly. Yeah, I heard he is somewhat famous in Taiwan Photobucket ..I guess Taiwanese people love eating onions huh? PhotobucketPhotobucket Chill, just kidding.. You're stuck with me doing this after all ^^ So you better get used to it Photobucket

Here opens a new chapter.. PATUTIX (Cross-bred Pato and Itik Duck and Goose according to Miss May Morgan Diaz ^^)

Man! I'm sleepy.. 037 I'm not making any sense here ny'mo' 029 I wish something good will happen tomorrow.. Oyasumi nasai.. 028

1 comment:

Bhem-Hime said...

May morgan diaz?? yung curly hair? from pangasinan? hehehe.. prang i know her.. anyway, just blog hopping! :)